Steve & Mike Shellfish Co., Inc

For over 20 years, S&M Shellfish has been a leader in the shellfish industry. We’re pioneers in sustainability, quality, and service to business around the world.

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Harvester Direct

No middle men involved insure the product is procured in peak condition from sustainable fisheries.

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Strict Quality Control

We ensure that every item is checked by our experienced, knowledgeable staff in our HACCP certified facility. Quality is in our DNA.

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Exceptional Service

Our reliable transportation partners deliver right to your doorstep, with fast, reliable shipping.

Our Mission

Since 1992, Steve & Mike Shellfish has been on a mission to be the market leader in high-quality shellfish products. We source and grow some of the finest shellfish from around the world - which ensures you have the freshest, most flavorful product available.


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